On Construction Energy Performance Certificates (OCEPC's) & Predicted Energy Assessments (PEA's)

Despite Home Information Packs (HIPS) ceasing as of 21st May 2010, it will remain a requirement to provide an On Construction Energy Performance Certificate (OCEPC) for all new build homes, change of use and renovated domestic properties that are completed after this date.

An OCEPC gives information on the buildings energy efficiency, and is displayed similar to the A-G ratings found on electrical appliances.

Please Note - PEA's and On Construction Energy Performance Certificates can ONLY be produced from SAP calculations re-calculated by us from the relevent architectural drawings.

We realise some of our competitors are offering an OCEPC service solely from third party SAP calculations - after discussions with our accreditation scheme, this practice is not recommended. Should the third party SAP calculations be found to be incorrect, and the PEA / EPC issued on this information alone, clients could be at risk as OCDEA's may be operating outside their accreditation scheme, and therefore may not be covered by their Professional Indemnity Insurance. It is also likely that these OCDEA's will be suspended from their accreditation scheme.

To protect our clients interests, we will always re-calculate the SAP's for each property requiring a PEA / EPC, and compare the original calculations with ours. By doing this, we can offer our clients complete assurance and protection.

Why do we need Energy Performance Certificates?

OCEPC's are issued once a property has been constructed, and informs owners and potential buyers about the energy efficiency of a home, and how it can be improved. All OCEPC's have an integrated "Recommendation Report" which includes advice and suggestions on improvements which could be made to reduce the carbon emissions of the property, and also save the owner money.

Predicted Energy Assessments (PEA's) are produced at Design Stage for submission to the Building Control Body to show the expected energy efficiency.

Who needs PEA's & OCEPC's?

The need for On Construction EPC's is a requirement of the Building Regulations. Therefore Depending upon various factors, a new build, change of use or renovated property may require an OCEPC to be issued on completion of the project.

Based on current information, listed below is guidance to ascertain whether a PEA and / or EPC is required;

Pre 2006 Building Regulations

  • ALL properties will require an OCEPC at As Built Stage if completed post 6th April 2008
  • 4 Bed + Homes - PEA Required at Design Stage if marketed after 1/8/07
  • 3 Bed Homes - PEA Required at Design Stage if marketed after 10/9/07
  • All other Homes - PEA Required at Design Stage if marketed after 14/12/07

Post 2006 Building Regulations

  • ALL properties require an OCEPC at As Built Stage if completed post 6th April 2008
  • ALL properties require an PEA at Design Stage if marketed post 6th April 2008

Click here to download the DCLG publication "Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and New Homes: A Builder's Guide".

How we can help

Compass Energy Solutions are fully accredited to produce PEA's and OCEPC's.

The accredited On Construction Domestic Energy Assessor (OCDEA) scheme operated by the National Home Energy Rating (NHER) protects both builders and potential home owners by ensuring energy assessors have the appropriate skills to carry out energy assessments, and that EPC's are of a consistent high quality.

What we Provide

We will include both the PEA and OCEPC at the relevant Building Regulation stages as required along with the associated paperwork stated under the "New Build Assessments" page in this website. Our fees also include registering the address with the Landmark database.

Please contact us for further information, and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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