U-Value Calculation Service

We appreciate that sometimes our clients do not require a full energy rating, but just need to check the thermal efficiency of a wall, floor or roof construction.

Therefore, Compass Energy Solutions are here to assist no matter how big or small the job.

How we can help

We can provide a U-Value calculation service for projects which do not require a full SAP assessment to be carried out.

Should the U-Value fail to meet the minimum required value, then we will use our knowledge and experience to provide suitable recommendations to acheive a pass.

What we Provide

We will provide;

  • Calculation of the required element using Government approved software
  • A written report detailing the composition of the thermal element
  • Recommendations should Building Regulations compliance not be achieved

Condensation Risk Analysis

With increasingly stringent legislation, thermal elements (walls, floors & roofs) are required to perform better. This is normally achieved by increased insulation thickness, and possibly the removal of air cavities.

This can cause an increased risk of condensation forming within the building fabric, which dosent evaporate during the summer months. This can then lead to potential structural damage in the long term, and in the most severe cases, mould can form within the dwelling.

How we can help

Currently, non repeating thermal bridging is dealt with in the SAP calculations by stipulating if either accredited construction or enhanced construction details have been used in the construction, or no consideration has been given to bridging.

However, by October 2010, the revised Building Regulations will remove accredited and enhanced construction details, and ask instead for evidence of the calculated "Y" value, or overall thermal bridging value.

Compass Energy Solutions can take your calculated thermal bridging (Ψ) values for each junction and bridge, and calculate the linear losses as well as the overall percentage thermal bridging for each property or property type.

By ensuring thermal bridging is kept to a minimum, the overall energy performance of the property will be improved, resulting in lower energy bills and potentially a better Code for Sustainable Homes rating!

What we Provide

We provide our clients with either an electronic or paper report including;

  • Report showing calculated linear losses for each junction / bridge
  • Overall thermal bridging (Y) value for each dwelling type
  • Comprehensive advice and support throughout the whole process

Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss any requirements you may have with your existing, and future projects

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