Extract Ventilation Testing & Commissioning

Since October 2010, it has been a requirement of Part F of the Building Regulations for ventilation systems in “newly created” residential dwellings to have their performance tested and reported to the relevant Building Control authority prior to completion. Newly created residential dwellings include not just new build homes, but also change of use and conversions.

Ventilation systems required to be tested and commissioned include;

System 1 - Intermittent fans and background ventilation
System 3 - Continuous mechanical extract ventilation (MEV)
System 4 - Continuous mechanical balanced ventilation with heat recovery

How we can help

Compass Energy Solutions use UKAS calibrated equipment, and are BPEC accredited to test extraction rates and also balance whole-building ventilation systems correctly. This is not only a Building Regulations requirement, but is also important to ensure the ventilation system is working as cost effectively as possible. Should the system not achieve the required ventilation rates, we will ascertain the causes, and report our findings along with recommendations to resolve the issue.

The air leakage rate of the building should be completed prior to commissioning for all system types. If the pressure test has not been completed, this could ultimately affect the flow rates and ultimately cause an MEV system to become unbalanced. Through our alliance, we can arrange for the air test to be completed on the same day if required.

What we provide

We will provide the following in a report along with the test results and any comments for submission to your Building Control Authority;

  • Does the installation follow the design
  • Are the correct number and size of background ventilators installed
  • Is the installation complete with no obvious defects present
  • Do all internal doors have sufficient undercut to allow air transfer between rooms (i.e. 10mm over and above final floor finish)
  • For ducted systems, has the ductwork installation been installed in such manner that air resistance and leakage is kept to a minimum
  • Has the entire system been installed such that there is sufficient access for routine maintenance and repair/replacement of components
  • Have appropriate air terminal devices been installed to allow system balance.

Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss any requirements you may have with your existing, and future projects.

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