SAP Calculations for Renovations of Domestic Dwellings

Currently, if a domestic property is renovated, a SAP calculation may be required to show that the requirements of Part L1B of the Building Regulations are met.

The SAP assessment includes increasing the thermal efficiencies of any retained structures such as walls, floors and roofs, as well as assessing any new and replacement elements.

If necessary, we can provide assistance in achieving the required U-Values by providing recommendations - enabling you to keep material costs to a minimum.

How we can help

We will assess your project to Part L1B of the Building Regulations, and liaise with your Building Control Officer to ascertain their full requirements.

We will then provide you with a comprehensive SAP report covering all aspects required in Part L1B of the Building Regulations, and if required, a full set of recommendations to achieve a pass.

To download a copy of our SAP checklist, please click here.

What we Provide

We provide our clients with either an electronic or paper report including;

  • Additional recomendations in plain English to achieve a pass if required
  • SAP worksheets as necessary depending upon assessment
  • A full breakdown of the U-Values for the thermal elements
  • Compliance tables for thermal elements and controlled fittings
  • Comprehensive advice and support throughout the whole process

Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss any requirements you may have with your existing, and future projects.

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