Is your organisation in need of assistance in understanding the implications of SAP and Part L1 of the Building Regulations? Unsure of the potential impact on your core business activities? Compass Energy Solutions can provide a training package tailored to your specific requirements to dispel any myths about this key part of building legislation.

Whether you simply require an update on the latest requirements of Part L, or a detailed analysis of key areas of the Standard Assessment Procedure, we are here to help!

How we can help

We will travel to your premises, and with our knowledge and expertise we can provide training sessions based on the following;

  • Standard Assessment procedure (SAP)2009 background and overview
  • Part L1A & L1B requirements and how to achieve compliance in a cost effective manner
  • SAP calculation basics and tour of the NHER Plan Assessor software package
  • Data collection methods and rules
  • Live demonstration of entering a building design into SAP 2009
  • U value calculations
  • SAP 2009 Appendix Q / Products Characteristics Database
  • Renewables in SAP 2009
  • Accredited Construction Details

Should you require anything else, please contact us and we will do all we can to accommodate your needs.

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