Heat Loss Calculations

Are you installing a Heat Pump or Biomass Boiler in your property? Are you an installer responsible for installing heat pumps in new and existing homes? If you are, it is vitally important to correctly size both the unit and room heat emitters otherwise the system may operate inefficiently and cost more to run.

The most accurate method of assessing the correct size unit is to have the dwelling assessed (either off plan for a new property or site visit for existing properties), and for a heat loss calculation assessed to The Microgeneration Certification Scheme standard MIS 3004 (for Biomass installations) or MIS 3005 (for Heat Pumps).

How we can help

Compass Energy Solutions will liaise with you to ascertain your particular requirements. This will ensure that the correct information is collected for the relevant calculations, ensuring the most accurate result possible.

We also have the necessary experience and expertise to recommend measures to reduce your fabric and ventilation losses (where applicable), and therefore lower the running costs of the dwelling. As we are accredited to calculate actual U-Values rather than relying on less accurate RDSAP values, you can be sure that the most suitable data is always utilised.

We will calculate and report on the following;

  • Total Power Heat Loss (in Watts) for sizing the heat pump / boiler
  • Total Energy Heat Loss (in kW/Hr) for calculating the running costs
  • Individual Room Heat loss (in Watts) for sizing the heat emitters

Additionally, we can also produce a report which will provide you with;

  • A list of recommendations to reduce the heat demand of the property
  • Before and after heat demands
  • Running cost comparisons between the existing heating system and the new one

What we provide

We will calculate the above using the latest MIS standards to ensure the most accurate results possible, and provide a written report detailing our results.

Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss any requirements you may have with your existing, and future projects.

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